Diamox (acetazolamide) is a sulpha medicine made use of for the treatment of liquid, glaucoma and epilepsy loyalty triggered by the usage of medicines or heart disease. In many cases physicians suggest this medication for the alleviation of hill illness signs. Diamox side effects can include looseness of the bowels, prickling in feet and hands, throwing up, calling in the ears, reduction of hunger, peing much more often. If these negative side effects persist or are aggravating consult your doctor. You need to be really cautious about combining very high dosages or pain killers with this medicine as this may cause signs varying from loss of hunger, slowness and quick breathing to death.

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Very hardly ever Diamox can trigger the adhering to serious reactions: aching throat, swellings, temperature. , if you get any of the signs stated over get in touch with your physician right away.. You should not take 2 tablet computers of Diamox at once. If you missed out on a dosage and it is nearly time for a new one just avoid the missed out on dosage and hold on with your normal routine. Do not start taking an additional prescribed or non-prescription medicine without formerly checking with your medical professional. Several of the drugs can affect the performance of Diamox.

Acetazolamide 250 mg.

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